How can a girl make a guy get an erection?

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2011-05-10 18:02:09

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yes if the guy wants a boner!

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2011-05-10 18:02:09
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Q: How can a girl make a guy get an erection?
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How does a girl make a guy get a erection?

By getting naked

Is there something wrong with the girl if the guy cant get an erection but is turned on by her?


If a guy looks at a girl he likes can he get a erection?

Yes it is normal

Im 12 how do you make a guy get a erection?

Wait till your older

How can a eleven old girl give a tweleve old boy a erection?

It depends if the guy is a pervert or not.

When a guy keeps fixing himself in front of you does it mean he is getting a erection?

It could mean he is getting an erection, or his clothes are uncomfortable, just like when a girl adjusts her bra.

What would a guy be thinking when a girl tells him they she need to talk to them?

That she either likes or hates him and if he liked her he d get an erection

Why penis get bigger when a boy think about girl?

It's called an erection. An erection is when the guy gets sexually aroused and a lot of blood rushes to the penis therefore making it bigger than usual.

What does it mean when a girl makes a guy hard?

It more than likely refers to a male getting an erection due to a certain female.

Can a boy get a erection just by hugging a girl?

Of course, the meet attraction of a girl and contact is enough to enduce an erection

Do girls like it when they notice a guy with an erection?

Depends on the girl. Most of the time it puts girls off a guy, because girls want love and appreciation, not a guy who points his sausage and eggs at everyone.

When grinding girls only and the guy gets a erection how do you feel?

Well depends who you are really. If your grinding a girl and another guy gets a boner you could just laugh or you could get into it.

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