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Dogs need to be taken on walks, walking is exercise, exercise can help you lose weight

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Q: How can a dog help you to lose weight?
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How can i help my rat terrier dog lose weight?

By diet and exercise

How do you help your dog lose weight?

More exercise, diet dog food?? **talk to your vet**

How do you help your dog to lose weight?

Put the dog on a treadmill. It works, trust me. Or even take it for walks. Make your dog eat diet dog food also.

How do you put your dog on a diet?

There are dog foods that are made to help dogs lose weight also don`t give your dog any table scraps.

Does burning your food help you lose weight?

Burned food will not help you lose weight. It will however help you get cancer.

Is it normal for a breastfeeding dog to lose weight?

Yes. Nursing takes a lot out of the mother. She needs plenty of food and dog vitamins are good for her too to help keep her energy level up so that she doesn't lose too much weight.

How does green tea help to lose weight?

Green tea can help you lose weight, but it doesn't help you lose weight very fast. It is the type of weight loss drink then can help, but just doesn't do it as quickly as other weight loss drinks.

Will your chihuahua lose weight in heat?

In the game your dog will not lose wait.

Doe push ups help lose weight?

It does help lose weight and, helps you tone your musclesyes

Does tomato juice help you to lose weight?

No, tomato juice had no special ability to help you lose weight.

Can pickle juice help you lose weight?

No. Eating less and exercising more will help you lose weight.

Does it help you lose weight?

What is "it"?