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Yes it's possible

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Q: How can a 9 year old girl get her period?
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Can a 9 year old boy get a girl pregeant?

It depends if she has her period, and if he is sexually mature enough.

How can you get a 9 years old girl to get naked?

How can you get a 9 year old girl to get necked

Is there a 9 year old girl?

Yes there are tons of them and if you are a woman you were a 9 year old girl. our if you are a man and you are married your wife was once a 9 year old girl. Or if you had a sister she is or has been a 9 year old girl. Don't not ask silly questions there are millions and billions of 9 year old girls what a silly question ha ha ha ha LOL

What height is the tallest 9 year old girl?

Easy, the tallest 9 Year old GIRL is me!! At astounding 5'0!!

Can 9 year old girl have sexial intercourse?

If she uses enough lubrication a 9 year old girl can have sexual intercourse.

What jobs are there for a 9 year old girl?


How does a 9 year old get a girl?

she doesn't

What are good reasonable jobs for 9 year old girl?

there is no reasonable job for 9 yr old girl.

Is it possible for a 9 year old girl to be famous?

It is possible if that 9 year old boy/girl is good at something that people would enjoy.

How old will a girl be when they get their period?

they usally can be up to 9-14 years old when you get yours

How can a 9 year old girl impress a 9 year boy?

by looking hot

Can a 12 year old sperm and make a 9 year old pregnant?

well i dont judge but you shouldnt be having sex at such a young age. first doesthe 9 year old im guessing this is the girl have her period. once a girl has had her period she can get pregnant but it all depends on if the guy has gone through pubertyso if the girl hasnt gotten her period yet the answer is no she cant be pregnant. but if she has gotten it and the guy has gone through puberty yes it is possible for the girl to be pregnant. if the guy hasnt gone through puberty once again the answer is no. so she can only be pregnant if the guy has gone through puberty and the girl has gottenher period.