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To track calls you can use the 'Cell tracker' App for Andriod but if your son doesn't have an Andriod phone you can call his network provider/cell phone company and ask for a copy of the bill. The bill shows exactly who he has been calling.

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Q: How can I track phone calls on a cell phone?
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Can the police track cell phones?

The police and other law enforcement agencies can and do track or triangulate cell phone calls. There are some that try to get around this by buying prepaid disposable phones which make it very hard for the police to track. But triangulation of cell phone calls can be tracked to neighboring cell towers.

Could anyone track text messages and phone calls from a prepaid phone?

Normal civilians who do not have specialized equipment may not be able to track prepaid cell phone calls or messages. It may be possible for law enforcement to track calls or messages, but it may be harder to track because you do not need a contract to have a prepaid phone.

How do you forward calls to your cell phone?

By messaging the calls to my own cell phone

How do you get your cell phone calls back on your phone?

click on the green button and you will get your phone calls back on your cell phone

How can you track a friend's cell phone?

how can i track my boy friends cell phone for free

What does the cell phone do?

the cell phone transmits calls using the cell tower so you can send and receive phone calls to almost anywhere in the world.

How can you receive calls on your cell phone that were originally for the home phone so that when someone calls the home phone you can answer using the cell phone?

call forwarding

What is the cell phone?

A cell phone is a phone that uses cellular towers to transmit calls.

how to track a cell phone exact location for free?

how to track a cell phone exact location for free

Can I track my daughter's whereabouts with cell phone GPS tracking?

Yes, you can track your daughter via her cell phone with a GPS tracking program called Track a Partner. You can get it on your cell phone from

How can you track any cell phone by GPS?

You can not track cell phones by GPS.

What does a cell phone spy do?

Cell phone spy is an app that one could use to monitor calls, texts, as well as emails on a cell phone. One would use this if they wanted to monitor or track cell phone usage on a different device than their own. This software or app is installed without the persons knowledge, then using a different computer or cell phone one would be able to track usage.

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