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call the customer care and ask the details to find out the service provider a cell phone number

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Q: How can I find out what service provider a cell phone number has?
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If you call a cell phone who pays?

The person who owns the cell has a service provider and they pay a monthly bill for data and calls.

How do you switch your cell phone number from your current cell phone to a different cell phone?

If you are staying with the same carrier, just upgrade your phone with them. If you are changing providers, the new carrier needs to fill out some forms with the old carrier. The magic phrase to use with the new carrier is "number portability"; in the USA, all phone carriers are required to transfer your number from one device or service to another. If you are dropping your wired service, you can even transfer your home phone number to your mobile. Or, if you want to go VOIP, the provider there can transfer the number for you.

How much does it cost to add picture messaging to a cell phone plan?

It differs by service. Ask your provider.

How do you transfer your cell phone number from an old cell to a new cell?

Assuming the new phone isn't locked to a certain provider all you have to do is to move the sim card from the old phone to the new. If the old phone had the same provider as the new phone even a locked phone usually isn't a problem.

How can a deleted cell phone number be retrieved?

It's impossible unless you take extreme measures like asking the phone company that you want it back. You will likely need to get in touch with your service provider / cell phone company and ask for their help in retrieving the deleted number. Alternatively, if you remember what the number was or who you got the number from, then you could always get in touch with that person / re-enter the number into your phone.

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How do you block a number from your cell phone?

Contact your service provider

Your cell phone number does not work what do you do?

You call your service provider and find out what the problem is.

Where could one obtain a cell phone number lookup service?

You can obtain a cell phone number lookup service at a cell phone provider like AT&T. Calling the company will allow you to see what you are looking for.

Where can I go to get my cell phone unlocked for cheap?

When your cell phone is unlocked, you can use it with any service provider's network. The original service provider will have to unlock the cell phone for you.

How can you put a new number on your alltell cell phone?

You can contact your service provider and ask them to change it.

How do you block phone numbers from your cell phone.?

Contact your service provider

How do you get last phone number dialed on your cell when it is deleted?

Call your service provider, once the phone is registered they can provide you with this information

Does each cell phone number have its own frequency?

The frequency of the phone would depend on the model and the carrier or service provider it runs on. It would not depend on the phone number.

Can you switch the chip in a cell phone to make it work for a different service provider?

No, the cell phones have to be from the same service provider in order for them to work.

Which cell phone provider has the best service area?


How do you forward call to your cell phone from another cell phone?

If you have call forwarding you can do this. Ask your cell phone provider if this service is available.

How does free cell phone tracking online work?

Free cell phone tracking online is where you go to a service provider that offers this and type in a phone number. Using satellites, they will locate the phone.

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