How can I enable my disabled iPhone?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Myself...I have a iPod and my brother has tried to get into my iPod so i have a lock on it but he will try to disable how to enable your disabled iPod

If it said disabled for 1,5,10, and so on just wait. If it says "iPhone disabled connect to iTunes" you have to connect it to iTunes. I'm not sure i'm answering this correct but i'm trying. If i am and i haven't said it yet they usually have the directions when it wait, connect, and other key words.

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my phone is a disabled how to open

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Go out and buy a new one

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Q: How can I enable my disabled iPhone?
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How can I enable my iPhone 7 It has been disabled but it won't connect to iTunes on my computer so I can enable it?

It's been disabled by your network provider... only they can reactivate it !

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What does iPhone disabled message mean?

It means one of two things; Either the service has been disabled by the service provider or the phone has been locked and disabled after a loss or theft

How do you re-enable disabled itunes account?

get a machine gun grenades and go to itunes ... im sure they will enable it for you.. lol ..its impossible.

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you have to install it but its free so yes and no

Where can you take your iPod touch if its disabled?

You can simply re-enable it yourself by plugging it into a computer with iTunes.

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What to do when your iPhone is disabled and you can not get back into the iPhone?

Easy! You just connect to your computer, make a backup, restore to factory settings, restore from backup, password gone!