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I think that a 16 year old girl's breast areola size should be around a size 16

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โˆ™ 2009-12-30 00:33:19
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Q: How big should a 16 year old girl's breast areola size be?
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What breast size cup should a sixteen year old girl have?

That depends on the size of the girls breast and chest measurments.

What is the nipple size?

The nipple is the raised part in the center of the colored part (areola) of your breast. The nipple size, is just the nipple measured with a ruler.

What should your breast size be at 13?

There is not a specific breast size that a girl "should" be. It is all in your genetics. That is why some girls are more than qualified to work at Hooters and other girls cannot even fit into an A cup. There are 13 year olds that have bigger breasts than 20 and 30 year old women. Your breast size for you age is what it should be, whatever size you are. You just have to be you!

What changes happens to the breast when pregnant?

Changes in breast while pregnant. 1. color of areola a is being darker. 2. Improves size of nipples 3. size gains. 4. loss of firmness of breast. 5. Some secretions found after some months.

What is average breast size of Indian girls?


Did sucking girls nipples increase size of breast?


Why girls want a bigger size of breast?

To make them look hot for boys. Well girls want a bigger size breast so Boys get to like them.

What do girls think about breast size?

Most girls secretly try to get them bigger.

What is an average woman's nipple size?

The nipple is commonly considered to be the nipple and areola together, but they are differentiated in medical terminology. The areola is the pigmented circular part of the breast, indicating where the mammary glands (that produce milk) are, and the nipple is the part in the middle that sticks out from the breast. In human females, average outward projection of the nipple from the breast is 3/8 of an inch. Average diameter of the areola is about 1-1/4 inches, but it may be up to four inches in diameter.

What is lithuanian girls average breast size?

i dont no it depends

How girls can grow their breast size naturally?

You just wait and it will grow. (unless you have a breast problem.)

What is the surgical process of a breast mastopexy?

The process begins with anesthesia. The incision comes first after that, around the areola and vertically down from there to the breast crease. Then, the breast tissues are reshaped and lifted. The nipple and areola are adjusted in size if needed and repositioned on the breast, and excess skin along the breast itself is removed where needed. Sutures are placed inside the tissue. More sutures, skin adhesives or surgical tape are used to close the skin. The results of the procedure are immediately visible.

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