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it has the same affect as smoking it in cigarette form.

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Q: How bad is tobacco in bongs?
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Why is pot illegal if bongs arent don you use pot with bongs?

bongs are sold under the legal idea that people are smoking tobacco with them. really, who smokes tobacco in a bong…

Are bongs illegal in New York?

No. Bongs can usually be purchased in New York from places such as tobacco shops and adult book stores. Bongs are sold with the intent of them being used for tobacco. Once the bong has been used with Marijuana it contains resin that can be classified as a controlled substance in which case, you would be charged with possession.

Where could one purchase glass bongs?

One could purchase glass bongs at a local smoke shop that sells tobacco products. You can also purchase one at a novelty store that sells various items including smoking accessories.

Does tobacco grow in Delaware?

Tobacco is very bad for you

What are the side effects of gravity bongs?

what are the effects on Gravity Bongs? What do they do, and what do they feel like?

Is smoking tobacco bad for you?

no tobacco is bad for you .you can DIE from it. It makes it more dangerous having it with cigarettes

Is bringing tobacco pipes bowls bongs etc into Virginia legal?

You can bring these things into Virginia legally. You cannot legally do any kind of drugs in Virginia, regardless of what you can bring in.

Where can ROOR bongs be bought?

ROOR bongs can be brought at stores that sell cigars and bongs. There is an official ROOR bong website that you can go on and buy and get shipped to your house.

Bongs pipes or blunts?

Blunts for mids, bongs or pipes for the high-end stuff.

Is coffee as bad as tobacco?


What is a dangerous product that is bad for your total health?

Tobacco Products.

Is tobacco bad for you?

It is bad if you smoke it every day.