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Not at all

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Q: How bad do you want to see me?
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Is it bad to always want to go cut myself when bad things happen?

In a few words, see a psychotherapist.

Is it bad to have a cut in your head an its does not stop bleeding?

You might want to see a doctor about that.

Are the GPS reviews on this bad?

There can be some bad customer reviews, but you did not specify on what device you wanted to see the reviews for. I know you want to see the reviews for a GPS device, but which one?

What does it mean when a guy tells he cant see you?

either he doesn't want to see you but he doesn't want to hurt your feelings or he thinks dating you would be bad for his rep.

Is it bad if someone says no you cant see my ipod?

No, it's not bad! They probably have personal things on there that they don't want to share with everyone.

What are the games on wimpy boardwalk on poptropica?

play it and see if you want to know so bad but there are 5

What is a trait that you can use to describe someone as when they see someone in a bad condition and want to help them?


Why do people see interest groups as both good and bad for American politics?

Because the want to

How come girls say they want someone to treat them right but never date nice guys?

Its because we go for the badboy that we think we can change and make them not bad bad but the bad we want, see its not u its the badboys around u that makes girls crazy!

How bad is the pain when you get your belly button pirced?

It's really not that bad. A good way to see what it will feel like its to grab where you want pierced and pinch it as hard as you can.

Why do you have to get attention to your Personal Hygiene?

Because, when we talk to you, we don't want to see bad teeth and die from your stink breath.

What is facetheme com is it bad?

it depends do you want your ip address to be tracked? Also allows people to see where you have been.