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your lungs are tired and black but there is still hope if you stop smoking now and breath clean air

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Q: How bad are your lungs after smoking for 5 years?
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Smoking 5 gum wrappers bad?

yes it is.

If you smoke what will your lungs look like?

your lungs are black after you smoke at least 5 years

How many people died in the last 5 years from smoking?


You stopped smoking 6weeks ago and now have a metallic taste in your mouth why?

I am having same symptoms since last 5 weeks. I quit smoking 70 days back and had been smoking a pack for 18 years now. I guess lungs are coming back to life, this metallic taste has to do someting with the lungs. Sometimes it feels as if it is taste of blood, sometimes of rust and metallic. I wish everything is fine. Just one thing smoking screws you up, i hope i can turn my life around.

Do they still use a tube to clean the tar out of the lungs?

It is called an aspirator and it is only used if it is needed to remove an obstruction in the bronchial tubes and upper airways at the top of the lungs. Tar really can;t be removed from the lings from smoking. If you quit smoking, the body naturally removes some of it abut not all of it. Several areas of the lungs are destroyed over the course of smoking in years so once that happens they won;t change but lung function almost immediately improves and within about 5 years you normal functions (albeit for the damaged lung tissue) will operate pretty much normally if not affected by disease.

Why might lungs look black?

There is a condition called "Black Lung" which is common in coal miners. When they are in the mines they breathe coal dust and over time, the coal makes their lungs black. An article in the 1980's stated that in California, if you live within a quarter mile of a major freeway for 20 years, your lungs will look like you were a one-pack-per-day smoker for 5 smoking and breathing smog can also cause lungs to be black.

How did King Edward the 5 die?

well apparently he had this really bad illness that is his lungs started shrinking like bad and duhhh if your lungs shrink it will be hard to breathe and then he died a slow painful death.

How many teenagers have died from smoking cigarettes over the past ten years?


What if am 19 and the guy that you like is 24 is it bad?

no 5 years is not bad

How much can your lungs heal from smoking?

Alot. Even within a few days of stopping, you are getting better oxygen flow. People who quit and say 5 years later you were to compare the lungs to when they smoked you would see an amazing difference. Of course if you already have emphysema or COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease that would be a different story. I smoked for 12 years. It has been 23 years since I had a cigarette and I feel great! A pulmonary specialist told me I have very strong lungs.

What are the long and short terms of smoking tobacco?

short terms: 3 to 5 years. medium term : 5 to 10 years. Long term : more than 10 years.

How bad is smoking 5 cigarettes a day throughout pregnancy?

very! ----------------- How bad? Most people would say mind-numbingly horrible to even consider it.

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