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boys can stay out late,

but girls cannot

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Q: How are boys and girls different from each other?
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Do boys have better grips than girls?

boys think they are better but sometimes it is different ! girls and boys can just be as good as each other

How girls and boys differ from each other?

boys can stay out late, but girls cannot

What problems do students have on each other?

They hate each other that are boys or girls.

Why are boys are lazier than girls?

There was always someone to clean up after them and girls were helping their mother clean.

What do girls and boys say to each other if they like each other?

you should talk about what you have in common

Are the girls do each other better than boys?


How old is the rowdy ruff boys in Powerpuff Girls?

The Rowdyruff boys are made to destroy the Powerpuff girls, but since they are so similar to each other; in a way they are made for each other.

SHOULD boys and girls be separated?

I don't quite think so because boys and girls should get used to being with each other or in other words, get used to each other instead of feeling awkward when a girl or boy talks to you. Yup yup very true. They also need each other to produce more boys and girls.

Do the boys from mindless behavior talk about girls to each other?


How are boys' relationships with each other described in cat's eyes and how do they differ from the relationships between girls?

boys relationship with each other is more than physical where as girls relationship is purely physical and emotional.

Why do girls get along with boys better?

One reason is because they're not always in competition; girls and boys want to like each other.

If you are a brother why are sisters so annoying?

As a brother... boys find girls annoying because boys and girls are different sex and what we like to do can differ... Therefore we argue about using things and we bother each other by asking too many questions the other knows.