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It's not ! The withdrawal method is the most unreliable form of contraception there is ! It relies on the man having the control to withdraw before ejaculating - extremely difficult to do under the emotional stress of intercourse. Additionally, even 'pre-cum' has sperm in it !

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Q: How accurate is the withdraw method in birth control?
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Did Romania have strict birth control rates to reduce the population?

No birth control in Romania.

How many days a girl firtile after got menstruation?

During an average 28 day cycle a woman is likely to be fertile between days 7-16 - ovulation typically occurs two weeks before menstruation (there may be a live egg present for up to 48 hours), and she is fertile up to a week before ovulation when there is fertile quality cervical mucus present. Unless a woman uses a birth control/conception method such as Fertility Awareness Method or Natural Family Planning there is no way for her to accurately determine when she is fertile, thus another birth control method should always be used in order to avoid unintended pregnancy.

What is the synonym and antonym for emanate?

Synonyms: rise, proceed, initiate, flow, radiate, exhale, emerge, derive, arise, birth Antonyms: withdraw, take

Do you count spotting as the first day of the period?

No, spotting and breakthrough bleeding does not count as the first day of your period. Spotting and breakthrough bleeding is an annoyance that occurs as an unwanted side effect of birth control. However, frequent spotting or breakthrough bleeding can also be a sign that you need a higher dosage of birth control.

Why have death rates and birth rates declined?

Answer 1Death rates have declined because birth rates have declinedAnswer 2Death rates have declined due to the advancement in medicine. With better medicine, more people are surviving until an older age.Birth rates have declined due to improved contraception and birth control.

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What is folk method of family planning?

A folk method of family planning is sometimes called a traditional method. These are methods that were used before modern birth control and include the rhythm method, withdraw method, and abstinence.

Can you be pregnant if you used the morning after pill and the withdraw method?

Yes. You have been unprotected during intercourse and the MAP is not 100% sure. Pulling out is not a birth control method. 25% get pregnant and you will be too within 2 years of that is what you use as protection. There is sperm in pre ejaculate too and that can get you pregnant. Get on birth control.

What if your partner didn't withdraw but you have been injected for birth control?

If you have been injected for birth control purposes and the injection is current then your partner should not have to withdraw. be cause you should not be able to get pregnant.

What are the side effects of using withdraw method as birth ccntrol method?

Unwanted pregnancy if not used correctly and possibly STDs.

Is vaccine a useful method for birth control?

Birth control vaccines don't exist, but you can get birth control shots.

Can i change birth control method after my first depo shot?

Yes, you can change to a different method of birth control. You can have the copper IUD inserted at anytime, and can start a different hormonal method of birth control after ten weeks.

Is nuvaring a barrier birth control?

No, NuvaRing is a combined hormonal birth control method.

Is there a chance of getting pregnant when taking birth control?

No method of birth control is 100% effective.

Is birth control pill is the most common and most effective birth control method?


Does birth control patch involve hormones?

Yes, the birth control patch is a hormonal method

Artificial birth control method?


What is a behavioral method of birth control is?