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It's very important to know there is two types of 'tattoo copier':

1. Fax machine type - this is the most common

2. Thermal-Copier using IR Heat lamp and rollers (much more expensive but much better)

Fax machine types with like the old thermal fax machine, using a thermal head.

Problems: Head often is not hot enough so designs are faint/ don't work or the whole machine is a dud. most are Chinese so that says it all.

IR (Infra Red) Thermal-Copiers use a heat lamp inside a reflector and require a carrier to hold the tattoo paper as it passes through the machine - they are MUCH hotter and have a speed dial to adjust the speed/ temperature.

This type is much more expensive, but work on all types of tattoo paper and are for studio use.

If you buy a cheap fax machine type copier then expect cheap patchy results. You get what you pay for in this field.

Speaking from experience here (bought too many cheap fax machine types and finally got a proper one)


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Q: How Does A Thermal Tattoo Copier Machine Work?
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Why wont the eclipse tattoo thermal copier transfer the image to the thermal paper even when the paper is put in correctly?

If your using the 'eclipse' that is a fax machine and does not produce enough heat, this is why the copy does not come through. A fax header is low voltage and low heat - it can't get through all the layers of the tattoo paper. There is an 'ECLIPSE 2' version which is a true thermal-copier and uses an IR heat lamp and does work. You need to use a carrier with this type of machine, not just putting the paper in on it's own like the 'eclipse' model it sounds like you have.

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