How I get 700k subscribers and Millions of views on YouTube ❤Less than a year?

Updated: 9/28/2023

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I know this is very hard. But I never tell you it is impossible. Because I can see so many people did this. So it is achievable. The only thing you have to do is change your mindset. Your mindset must be positive and load with the below skills. If you make sure of this, then no one can stop you in your journey.

• Effectively upload videos

• Profitable promoting Techniques

Here I can't explain these ideas very deeply. Because those are very deep and intensive topics. I can assure you that this is an automatic money-making method. So that after you did this correctly, you will earn money without any is an automation process. That means you will get paid even for your sleep.

Effectively Upload Videos

These are the main things we have to consider

• Attractive Thumbnail

• Attractive Title

• Key Word Research

• A description in good quality

• Tags

• I card

• End Screen

• Video watermark


Analyze your status and if you feel poor then find your correct study material. And start learning.

Profitable Promoting Techniques

This is the main process of getting more views and subscribers. That means we will get more traffic from inside and outside of YouTube through this method. Let me explain how.

Promoting is a process of marketing our videos in places that consist of a huge amount of traffic (followers). The place may be any social platform like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc.

In there we are going to share our video and channel links very naturally. That means you have to hide what you are promoting. Because people always stay away from marketing and promotions, they only like to get values. So now we have to provide some value to people and through that, we will encourage them to watch our videos indirectly. But clearly understand the process is very challenging. So that without the proper knowledge and idea we can’t promote our videos successfully. So, learn the skill first. I always recommend learning first.

There are so many resources available on the internet. You can use them for your journey. But if you have any problems finding it, then I can help you at this moment. Let me know that what study material you need. I can share the best stuff from both 2 processes (how to Upload videos effectively and how to promote videos correctly). I found some best study materials on the internet. If you are really interested in your dream then email me at “shivabi4002 @ gmail . com”. ( remove all spaces before use).

So that I can share all needed stuff with you.

Note- Please send a mail with a brief sentence about what you expect from me and what you wish.

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you can hire experts on Fiverr
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plz find answer

bit. ly/3qeLhkI (remove spaces

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Q: How I get 700k subscribers and Millions of views on YouTube ❤Less than a year?
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