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There are a number of liquid diets, some of which are administered by a hospital plan in order to monitor the clients closely. A liquid diet results in quick weight loss, which serves to bolster the determination of the clients. After a time, each client reintroduces solid food and hopefully adopts a healthy diet and new habits to support additional weight loss and maintenance. Two of the more popular liquid diets are MediFast and OptiFast. Read here what Dr. Oz has to say about liquid diets:

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Q: Has anyone heard of a liquid diet to lose weight fast?
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Has anyone heard of the water works diet?

I heard of it and I heard it didn't work.

Can you gain weight on a liquid diet?

If you are a high calorie liquid diet, it can make you gain weight. It is best to incorporate food into your daily calorie intake.

What programs make u lose weight fast?

Have you ever heard of the Physicians choice wellness program? It is a doctor supervised diet. I have seen a couple co workers do this diet and lose a lot of weight. It takes hard work and a lot of determination as it begins as a liquid diet. Also, decrease your calories or increase activity.

Why would one be placed on a liquid diet?

A person may be placed on a liquid diet if they are soon to have a medical examination or procedure, or if they are on a serious weight loss diet prescribed by a doctor.

Why is a liquid diet a risky weight loss strategy?

they will turn you into a waterbed..

Liquid Diets Produce Weight Loss At A Cost?

Liquid Diet Recipes Keep Things Interesting

Has anyone heard of the cabbage soup diet?

Yes, a pure fad. You will have the same success with a green egs and ham diet.

What weight loss diet plan is worth following?

Mediterranean Diet. WW (Formerly Weight Watchers) Vegetarian Diet Flexitarian or Semi-Vegetarian Diet

Which is the safest weight loss diet?

The diet that I have heard works for most people is called the Atkins diet. Its basically a no carbohydrate diet.

Is there a weight loss formula in liquid form?

There are a lot of weight loss formulas that come in liquid form and one of those is weight watchers. You can find weight watchers liquid diet formulas at your local store or even on the weight watchers web site.

Does the liquid diet work and do you have to exercise with it?

Doctors and Nutritionist are against the Liquid Diet because it is a crash diet that does not help you continue to loose weight it makes it happen fast without exercise which is bad for your health.

What are the reviews for the liquid HCG diet?

The reviews for this type of diet on the GNC, General Nutrition Center, website are extremely positive. People report fast results and an increase in weight loss while on the liquid HCG diet.