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Howard Jones is a former member of Killswitch Engage, and current member of Devil You Know. It is believed he is married, although it is not public who.

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Q: Has Howard Jones from Killswitch Engage had a girlfriend?
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Who is the lead singer of Killswitch Engage?

Howard Jones

Is howard Jones of killswitch engage married?

No, He has never been married. He lives with his long time girlfriend in Canada

Did Howard Jones of killswitch engage die?

No he just left

Where is howard Jones from killswitch engage from?

Columbus, Ohio USA

Is Howard Jones from Killswitch Engage married?

He is not married and has never been married. He currently lives with his long time girlfriend.

When was killswitch howard Jones born?

Howard Jones is an American musician and singer, known best for his part in the groups in Killswitch Engage and Within Temptation. He was born on July 20, 1970.

Are there any screamo bands with a black guy in them?

Howard Jones era Killswitch Engage if you class that as 'screamo'.

Who was killswitch engage's last singer?

well the last singer was Howard Jones the first singer was Jesse Leech

Will Howard Jones come back to Killswitch?


What is the name of killswitch engages singer?

Howard Jones cousin of rapper Mike Jones

What are the names of the members of Killswitch Engage?

Howard Jones (Vocals) Adam Dutkiewicz (Guitar & Vocals) Joel Stroetzel (Guitar) Mike D'Antonio (Bass) Justin Foley (Drums)

How tall is howard Jones killswitch engage?

I knew him in the early 90's before he moved to Conn to persue music. I remember him being approximately 5'11"