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Q: Has Greta Van Susteren ever had a lesbian relationship?
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Did Greta Van Susteren have a stroke?

I think so, but would rather have a professional opinion.

Was wolfe blitzer ever married to greta van susteren?

No. He and his wife, Lynn Greenfield, have been married since 1973 and have one child, a daughter.

Has Britney Spears ever been involved in a lesbian relationship?

yes w/ Kevin federline

Do you ever forget your first lesbian relationship after moving on to another lesbian relationship?

== No one ever forgets their first relationship. Whether the person is a lesbian, a gay male, a straight person, or a bisexual person, no one forgets their first relationship. Especially if this was your first love and/or first sexual relationship, it may take some time to fully get over it. Even though you are in a relationship with a new person, you probably still think about the other person for a while & this is normal. All people have trouble getting over their first relationship, because it is their first. Years from now, you will still remember & think of that first person from time to time, & it is perfectly natural.

Will Melina do a lesbian storyline?

As of 2013 it is not known if Melina will ever do a lesbian storyline for the WWE.

Did lillian smith ever get married?

no, she was a lesbian.

When will Melina Perez have a lesbian storyline?

It is not known when, or if, Melina Perez will ever have a lesbian storyline in the WWE.

Was Jane Addams ever in a relationship?

Yes, she was in a long-time relationship with another social worker one Mary Rozet Smith- this was clearly lesbian in nature and not something akin to shared office space or lockers at the Hull House.

Was Barbara Jordan ever married?

No, she never legally married.

Was Mary J Blige ever a lesbian?

No, mary j. blige was never a lesbian. stop believing rumors. okay.

Has actress edie falco ever done any lesbian scenes?


Why did my wife turn lesbian?

Your wife did not "turn lesbian." Your wife was born a lesbian but never knew it. After getting married, she was probably unhappy and felt like something was missing in your relationship, and after thinking about it, she discovered that it was the attraction and love she needed from a spouse that she couldn't get from a man because she wanted to be with a woman. This situation is fairly common, and it's a hard time of transition, but it doesn't have to be the end of a relationship. Your wife still loves you and wants the best for you, she just can't be married to you - for the sake of the happiness of you both.