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Let me ask you a simple question: did he tell you when he'd break off? In a month, a year, or maybe never? What is too soon? Go on with your life. Don't wait around for someone who wants to be with you when he is ready! How about you? When are you ready? He seems very concerned about HOW HE will LOOK! I wonder how it makes you FEEL to know that he LOOKS like such a GOOD GUY at your expense. If he will do this to her, he will do this to ANYONE. If his heart was really with you, he wouldn't care what HE looked like, YOU would be together.

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Q: Guy says he likes me and says he wants to be with me but he said he cant break it off with his gf so soon because it'll make him look like a bad guy What do i do when hes her everything and hold him?
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He still likes you

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