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Q: Girls favorite position
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What is a girls favorite type of sex?

We're all individuals, ask her. Favorite - misstionary with girl on top. Position that girls crave - Up against the wall!

What is a girls favorite position during sex?

We are all individuals so ask her. Missionary with them on top. The position they crave is up against the wall!

What is your favorite quote from mean girls?

One of my favorite quotes from Mean Girls is "You can't sit with us!"

What is Miranda Cosgrove's favorite movie?

Her favourite movie is Mean Girls (2004)

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spanish girls are his favorite

What are omg girlz favorite thing to do?

What is The OMG girls Favorite Thing To do

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What position do girls like?


What are nicks favorite types of girls?

Nicks favorite food/fruit is plums

What is trey songz favorite color on girls?

i think his favorite color is red

What is the girls favorite position?

There are too many guys who enjoy too many positions to be able to answer this truthfully.

What is a favorite girls sex move?