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Not pregnant.

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Q: Gaining Weight Moving in stomach Missed Period Negative Pregnacey Test?
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You are very confused you feel the same way you did with your other pregnacey and had a baby girl but you have had a test and it come up negative you are due for your period tomorrow?

wait until you have missed your period date and try a pregncey test if it still shows negative then wait a week if you still have had no period then take another test.if its still negative then go to a clinic and have them do a blood test to determine a more accurate answer.(so you want to only take a pregnacey test after your missed period date)if its negative wait a week and take another(if its still negative) then go to clinic to have a blood test done.

What is gaining control of a missed shot in basketball called?

Gaining control of a missed shot is called a rebound. Rebounds are important on both offense and defense in order to gain, or maintain possession of the ball.

What could cause stomach fluttering but no missed periods?

some sort of std such as siphilous in your stomach lining

Is it a sign of pregnancy if you have weird feelings in your stomach and your side and you missed your period?

You may be pregnant as you have missed your period. Take a test

Why would you feel movement in your abdomen yet have not missed your monthly cycle and the home test was negative?

movement during pregnancy can only be felt during the fifth or sixth month, you probably just have gases in your stomach!

Can I be pregnant if my stomach is growing with light periods cramping and lower back pain for the last 2 months but the tests come back negative?

Yes. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period, or have missed a period already

Can missed period and negative test mean you could be having twin?

No, stupid.

Negative blood test then 20 days after missed period positive hpt?

iam in the same situation, i mean 20 days of missed period but negative dying to get pregnant, plz anyone tell me when should i test again to get positive results. I missed my periods fr first time.

What if I took a bliss test after 2 days after my missed period and it's negative?

u would not be sure what the topics about because you were not there and i am in negative .

Missed your period but have took a pregnancy test but its come up negative?

do another one

What if your period is missed when you are young?

I will do the urine pregnancy test. If it is negative, reassurance and observation is the therapy.

Stomach feel cool water flowing is it a sign of pregnancy?

No. Nausea, vomiting, fatigue, missed period.