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Sleepovers are fun. (If you make then fun)

Here are some ideas to help.......

01. Makeover Party- Get stations ready (hair, make-up + clothes). Then come up with a subject. Set a time limit. Start makeovers. Then judge each other at the end.

02. Makeover Game- Get make-up (blush, mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick etc.). Put a blindfold on. Start the makeovers. Who ever doed the best makeover wins.

03. Spa Night- Give each other massages. Use facial cream. Put cucumber slices on your eyes. Manicures and pedicures.

Face cream recipe

1 avacado

one tea spoon of honey

1 table spoon of face cream

04. Truth or dare- I think you know the rules to this game. (If you don't that's sad)

*If you want to go more extreme you could play Truth-Dare-Double Dare-Kiss a Thing-or Torture

05. You could play DS's or Wii.

06. You could go to the park and meet up with some boys or your best friends.

07. You could have a water balloon fight.

08. You could have pillow fights.

09. Movies ! ! ! !

HOPE THIS HELP ! ! ! ! ! :-]

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When my friend, sister and I have a sleepover, we play blindfolded makeovers. It didn't sound fun to me at first, then I tried it and it was really fun. Ive never played or but you can play 7 minutes in heaven. I don't feel like explaining it so I guess you can either watch a video on how to play it on YouTube or you can look up how to play it. Hope this helped and have fun

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If you want your friends to come to another sleep-over i suggest that you do these things at your 1st sleep-over with them.

  1. American Idol
  2. Hide and seek in the dark
  3. Turn up the tunes and break it down
  4. Karaoke
  5. Are you smarter than a 5th grader

That is just the beginning! :-)

even better:

Watch scary movies:)

Watch funny movies

talk about boys

play hide and seek

and play 21 dares!

and tell scary stories(in dark)!!!!!

even, even better:

go up to a sister/brothers room and try to tie their hands together or feet and put makeup on them or take a pic of them with flash so you get their face just as they wake up

do makeup----- blindfolded

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Well, Stay home! eat junk food, go see a movie, go to the mall, go glow Bowling, talk about boys (or girls), gossip, listen to music, crazy makeup, good makeup, run around the neighborhood at midnight in your pj's. DO SOMETHING WACKY!

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crazy dances

fashion show (remember to take photos for a memory)

listen to music

write songs

tell ghost stories

write stories

draw pictures of each other

talent show

you can stay up all night make a fort jump on the bed play freeze tag play red light green light play games pillow fight and if you have a wii play wii play hide and seek in the dark tell scary stories watch scary movies the best time to do the scary stories and the scary movies is at 12:00 you can do it any time but that's the best time to do that so yea.

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you could play truth or dare, blindfolded make overs, sorry it's not a lot but hope i helped.

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Pass the parcel dares. Make the dares challenging do its funny! I do this a lot and I must have played it a million times but it never gets boring:)x

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well you can eat junkfood umm talk telll scary stories stay up all night do make overs pillow fights and truth and dare and watch movies

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Play bored games

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Q: Fun stuff to do at a sleepover?
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How do you make the most of your time at a sleepover?

If you so happen to throw a sleepover or be invited to one, the answer to how to spend your time is to have fun and enjoy it. It good to go to a sleepover in which you know your friends are going to intend. Just do stuff or talk about things that will entertain you and also them. In other words just have fun!

What to tell a girl when its your first date?

bae you wanna go to my room sleepover and you now do our stuff and have fun and at first you have to kiss her.

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just do stuff that they do

A fun thing that has 10 letters?


Fun challenges to do at a sleepover List some movies and games Age range 12-15?

Lighting the borne fires are some of the fun challenges that you can do at a sleepover.

What fun stuff to do at a girls sleepover when there is only you and your friend there?

i always go to my friend's house and we eat, watch television, paint our finger nails, play Wii and have good times. Have fun :) Harmless lesbian experimentation.

Fun things to do at a sleepover of 2?

Truth or dareWebcam with friendsGamesMovies

How do you decide how many kids to have at sleepover?

the more the better for "fun"

What about if wonder woman korra and Gwen tennyson were to have a sleepover?

it sounds fun

What are fifty fun things to do at a sleepover?

Eat and Drink junk food is one

How do you get your child to do a sleepover?

Say how fun it would be. Keep going on and on until she or he agrees.

What are some fun things to do at a 12 yr old sleepover?

pranks. lol