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Q: Fred will be four blocks from his starting place if he travels two blocks north then three blocks east and then two blocks south Is it true or false?
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A runner travels 8 blocks north and 15 blocks east. How far is the runner from her starting point?

17 blocks

Fred will be four blocks from his starting place if he travels two blocks north then three blocks east and then two blocks south.?

That is incorrect. The distance travelled north cancels out the distance travelled south. Therefore - he only travels three blocks east.

Ralph travels four blocks north then two east then three south and finally two west How many blocks is Ralph from his starting place?

Ralph is one block north of his starting place, although he walked eleven blocks to get there. The Coordinate SolutionIf you consider the starting point at (0,0) and movement north /east as positive, and south / west as negative, you create the following movement. (0,0) + (4,0) + (0,2) + (-3, 0) + (0, -2) = (1,0) or 1 block north of the start.

Where would your starting point be if you traveled 2 blocks north 3 blocks east and 2 blocks south?

3 blocks west

How many city blocks from starting point if you walked 4 blocks north then 5 blocks west after that 8 blocks south then 7 blocks east and finally 4 blocks south?

You finish 2 blocks east and 8 blocks south of your starting point.

What is displacement of a bike who travels 14 blocks north 3 blocks east 20 blocks south 4 blocks west 6 blocks north and 1 block east?

In order to answer the question you need to assume that the block lengths remain the same if you move North or South, or if you move East or West. Is that a realistic assumption?

A delivery truck travels 14 blocks north 16 east and 26 south what is its final displacement from the origin assuming blocks of equal length?

Using X and Y as the map coordinates, where X is east and west (positive or negative) and Y is north and south (positive and negative), and the point 0,0 as a starting point, you can show the following: * 14 blocks north to 0,14 * 16 blocks east to 16, 14 * 26 blocks south to 16, -12 The final location is 12 blocks south and 16 blocks east of the starting point. If there were a straight diagonal street, the truck would be 20 blocks from the start (square root of 122 and 162), just east of a SE direction.

If Kyoto walks 3 blocks North 4 blocks West then 3 blocks south if her starting place is the reference point how far away is her final position?

Kyoto will be 4 blocks west with reference to his/her starting point

A girl deliver newspapers travels 3 blocks west 4 blocks north and then 6 blocks east What is her resultant displacement?

(6-3)^2 - 4^2= d^2 d^2=9+16 = 25 d=5 blocks

If Julie and her friend are wandering around their neighborhood talking and they walk three blocks east then two blocks south and one block west and finally two blocks north where are they?

Two blocks east of their starting position.

How many city blocks would you have to walk back if you walked 3 blocks east then 5 blocks north and then finished by walking 5 blocks west?

It's a total of seven blocks... You would need to walk 5 blocks south, and 2 blocks east to end at your original starting place !

How many city blocks would you have to walk back if you walked 7 blocks east then 10 blocks north then finishing by walking 8 blocks west?

To complete the circle you would have to walk 10 blocks south and 1 block east to return to your starting point, 11 blocks.

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