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not short, not tall, weaker then us, nice, cute, funny, and long hair

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Q: For guys What is considered hot for a girl?
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What do guys think is hot in a girl?

What guys think is a hot girl is that if the shows off thier body,has no scars, and asks them to go to thier house and makeout.

Do guys think it is hot when a girl is perverted?


Will any hot guys tickle a fat girl?


Why do guys like it when a girl is mad?

They are JERKS and think it is "hot" >:(

What do guys really think when starring at a girl?

ther are hot

Do guys like innocence in a girl?

some guys do, but others might go for the totally hot totally wild girls. different guys like different things in a girl.

Why do guys think it's hot when a girl gets mad?

because it is

What does it mean if a girl is always talking really graphic about hot guys around you?

first of all you guys are clueless! if she is talking about HOT guys around you then that probably means she likes you. that's what i did to the guy i liked.

Is being bi hot?

If you are hot, then you are also hot if you are bisexual. Being a girl who is attracted to girls and also guys or a guy who is attracted to guys and also girls being hot is a fetish, but a fairly wide-spread one.

Do guys think it is hot when a girl wears a baseball cap with his or her favorite team on it if so why?

It doesnt make a difference. Its the girl under the cap they think is hot.

How hot are emo chicks considered by guys?

It depends on what floats their boat. Being emo I think theyre pretty hot.

What is considered 'hot' or 'sexy' by boys in terms of girls?

It could be anything. A girl's hairstlye could make her look sexy, or her sense of style if she dresses nice and sexy. A girl's personality can be sexy too. But all in all, its mainly the outfit and looks that make guys say 'hot' or 'sexy' if the girl dresses provocatively, nice hair