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R.O.L.A.I.D.S. spells relief

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Q: Feel really bloated and very gassy?
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Is being very gassy and bloated an early sign of pregnancy?

It can be a sign of pregnancy, but then again it can be a sign of a lot of conditions. I suggest you take a pregnancy test to be sure.

What disadvantage does a fiber diet have?

One of the most obvious disadvantages to a fiber rich diet is that you will be very gassy all the time, as well as feeling bloated. You may also use the bathroom more. Another disadvantage is that you absorb less nutrients.

What are some similarities between very gassy magma and not so gassy magma?

gassy magma has more silicon than not so gassy that's why there's loud and quiet explosions by: Rielly Krumbholz

Is it normal to be very bloated and look 4 months pregnant after a c section and tubal ligation?

I am 31 years old and a mother of four. I had a c-section and a tubal ligation after I had my 4th daughter. I feel very bloated on my stomach and look six months pregnant. I feel this has got to do with the tubal ligation that I've had. Anyone who can help me out or who has the same symptoms?

Is it common to feel very gassy during the first week of pregnancy?

YES! All women feel different so if you have had your pregnancy comfirmed just be happy for every little signal your body is sending you :)) If you are within a week of conception there are no hotmones yet being produced so there would be no effect on your gastro-intestinal tract. If you have just missed your period you may well be feeling gassy, this is very common.

Is the planet Mars rocky or gassy?

yes it is very very Rock and red

Is Milky discharge a early pregnancy symptom Also you feel very bloated and sometimes pain at the bottom of your stomach could you be pregnant?


Are Jupiter's moons rocky or gassy?

Jupiter's moons have a mix of rocky and icy compositions. They are not composed of gas like Jupiter itself. Some moons, like Io and Europa, have rocky interiors covered by icy surfaces, while others, like Callisto and Ganymede, have a mix of rock and ice.

How does your stomach feel early in pregnancy?

You will normally feel very exhausted , feeling tight in your lower abdomen and notice the tightness when bending down, Youl will look bloated probably by 5 weeks. Your breasts will feel tender at times painful.

Is eating squash gassey?

No, eating squash is not gassy, it is very pleasant.

Is eating a girl out really feel good to her?

if done right, yes it does feel very very good.

What type of atmosphere does the planet Uranus have?

very gassy cold one :P