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Q: Features of Samsung star 5233 mobile?
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Is there a stylus provided with Samsung 5233?

yes basically it has 4 models samsung s5233W (wi fi) samsung s5233TV samsung s5233s samsung s5233 star (nxt)

Can you use mini fring in samsung star 5233?

nope....not as of now....this really sucks thou....

Is there mobile tracker in samsung star 2 duos c6712?


How do you install themes in samsung star 3g mobile?


Which mobile is better Samsung star touch or Samsung corby?

they are the same and monte is also the same

What store is the Samsung Star sold at?

The Samsung Star is a mobile phone manufactured by South Korean company Samsung. It is available to purchase from many stores including Play, Prepay Mania and WAE+.

Does Samsung star 2 support whatsapp?

The WhatsApp is a mobile app for iPhones, Blackberries, Android, and Nokia. The phones can message each other using the app. The Samsung Star 2 does not at this time support the mobile app.

How can you use rss reader on Samsung star touch 3g?

hi i want to know about RRS reader in my samsung mobile .and what the uses of this

What are some themes for the Samsung Mobile?

There are virtually limitless thems for the Samsung Mobile that can be downloaded from various sites. Some of these include Star and Corby, as well as others that were created by individuals for the purpose of downloading.

What is the price of Samsung star touch mobile phone?

as per samsung's website its 9700 INR. I could not find the particular mobile brand on the price list page of mysmartprice. But still the samsung mobile price list was the most comprehensive one that I could find and hence added it to the related links section below. You must check it out if you are looking for any samsung mobile price in India.

How can you connect wifi in samsung star 3 duos?

Samsung Star 3 Duos is the name of the latest Samsung cell phone. It weighs only 95 grams. It comes with standards and new features. One of the newer features is Bluetooth 3-0, Opera mini browser and 3MP high- resolution camera. The WIFI does not need to be connected for it is already built in the Samsung phone.

Samsung star or Samsung corby?