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Because they fire a projectile.

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Q: Explain why BB and Pellet guns must always be treated with the same respect as firearms?
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Why BB and pellet air guns must always be treated with the same respect as firearms?

Because they both propel projectiles at velocities that can cause injury.

Can you transport a pellet handgun in your car?

Yes. Pellet guns are not classified as firearms.

Are pellet guns considered firearms in North Carolina?

No... but the government does consider them to be very dangerous.

Are pellet guns firearms?

This all depends on the country where you live. Some countries consider them firearms. In the USA they are not considered firearms but you must be 18 to purchase one. Other countries may not consider them firearms but they are heavily regulated.

Why must bb and pellet air guns always be treated the same respect as firearms?

Many modern 'BB' or Pellet guns will shoot a projectile at close to standard firearm speeds. You can buy a combo BB/pellet gun at big family stores for under fifty dollars that have a velocity of eight hundred feet per second. A lower velocity pistol is often only 60-100 feet per second faster. While the projectile in the BB/pellet guns is very small and light, it could easily pierce skin or eyes. So it can be very dangerous if mishandled. But so can many other things, so the importance of BB/pellet guns is to use them to teach safe handling of a firearm to prevent accidents.

Where can I buy a good rifle not pellet for under 250.00?

You buy a good rifle not pellet for under 250.00 on

What age do you have to be to shoot a pellet gun?

Any age so long as you have adult supervision who know firearms.

Are pellet guns dangerous for a 13 year old?

Pellet guns can be dangerous in anybodies hands. It depends on the maturity of the person. But pellet guns are an excellent tool to teach and respect firearms. In most of society it is a right of passage to teach a young man how to handle a firearm. Both my son and daughter know how to handle a gun and both are excellent shots. It's better that they learn from me than get curious and try it on their own without proper guidance

Are pellet guns illegal?

It depends on the country and location where you live. In several places they are considered firearms and require a license.

Can a pellet gun be shot just anywhere?

No. Pellet guns can inflict real injury, and can even kill. They should be used only where proper safety precautions are in place, as with more powerful firearms.

What is the lowest speed of a gun to still be considered a license required gun?

This will depend on the license laws in your jurisdiction- which you did give. MOST states in the US do not treat pellet guns as firearms. NJ treats all pellet guns as firearms. Great Britain and some members of the EU set limits on energy of the gun. Depends on where you are. In the case of a true firearm, speed does not matter- they are all firearms.

Do you need a license for an air rifle in new jersey?

you need a firearms ID card to purchase a bb/pellet rifle in NJ