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Q: Explain how can you tell if a question is not investigable?
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What is an investigable question?

a substance in which you can investigate and look at a question more.

What is is an non investigable question?

A non-investigable question is one which does not require experimentation or critical thinking to solve. It is a straightforward question that can simply be answered using knowledge obtained through studies (class, reading, common knowledge, ect).

What question does calpurina tell scout to ask her father saying that he can explain it better?

Scout's question was "What's rape?"

Is final velocity equal to speed tell you yes or no?

No. (We'd like to explain why, but the question doesn't permit it.)

Tell you the meaning?

Can you elaborate more on what you mean by "Tell you the meaning" because that is not even a question. If you explain why you want to know by the meaning of ____ then that would be great. Thank you

How do you find the ending of the story NEXT it is worth the wait explain?

This question was never answered because your question does not make sense nor do you tell us which film you are referring to. You are welcome to retype your question.

How do you explain to your child that Santa isn't real/example:how do you tell them without making them sad?

santa is real sorry wrong question

Explain how to determine the sign of quotient of two integers?

Ummm..... i don't know because i'm asking the question so you tell me

Is there a noun investigation?

Yes there is. The associated verb is to investigate, associated adjectives are investigable, investigative, investigational and investigatory, associated noun is investigator.

Anyone know what a TED question is - think it maybe a form of open question?

It stands for: Tell me.... Explain to me.... Describe to me.... A type of open question used to gather information. Often used by people in the media and interviewers.

It means to explain a question.?

It means to explain what is talked about.

What tis explain?

What does "explain" mean? To "explain" something is to tell in detail what something means.