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An informal group is a group that has no written rules controlling the behavior of their members.

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Q: Example of informal group and formal group?
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Is the international red cross a formal or informal group?

it is an informal group

Definition of formal and informal groups?

A formal group is a group that has organization, structure, officers, and regular meetings. An informal group is more relaxed and more of a social gathering.

What are some examples of an informal group?

example of informal group

Labor Union is a formal or informal group of workers?

Most Labor Unions are a formal group of workers.

A group of functions with similar characteristics?

the answer is like a peer group or informal or formal group

How do you say in German are you a student?

Bist Du Student? (informal, to a male) Bist Du Studentin? (informal, to a female) Seid Ihr Studenten (informal, to a group of males, or mixed) Seid Ihr Studentinnen (informal, to a group of females) Sind Sie Student? (formal, to a male) Sind Sie Studentin? (formal, to a female) Sind Sie Studenten? (formal, to a group of males, or mixed) Sind Sie Studentinnen? (formal, to a group of females)

What kinds of leadership does the group in 12 Angry Men demonstrate?

there are formal informal group

Other example of formal and informal greeting?

help me fast

Is 'nowadays' a formal word?

No, 'nowadays' is an example of informal language.

Can a memo be formal and informal?

A memo is by it's nature an informal communication dispersed among a group of people. However, there is both a formal and a more informal way in which to word the salutation and body of the memo.

What is the difference between formal groups and informal groups?

Formal groups have a stated , common purpose . They generally have a group leader , or each member takes a turn at leading the group.

What is a group's formal and informal means of enforcing means called?

Social Control

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