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no. not all the time. it can also mean do it harder and rougher

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Q: Everytime a girl says F ME does that always mean your going to gentle?
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How do you know a girl who you are not married to loves you?

she stares at you almost everytime you meet shes to shy to say hello and she always looks away when you look at her

I like this girl and i think she likes me but everytime i mention going out she says she doesn't want a relationship what do i do?

Stay her friend and suggest a group date.

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What does atheletic tranning mean?

gentle girl and nice girl

How do you know if an outgoing girl likes you?

If she's an out-going girl....she will TELL YOU. That's one of the best things about out-going always know where you stand with them!

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How do you tell if a girl wants to be more than just friends I have asked her and she always changes the subject which led me to believe that she did not But everytime we are together she always?

Ask her if you want to be more than friends? Then say, what are you afraid of? Work your way from there.

Why does this girl always look deep into my eyes everytime?

If a girl looks deeply into your eyes, it may mean she is trying to see if you're being honest and sincere with her. It's also possible she is just very interested in what you're saying.

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By the way he treats her, he treats her sweetly, always wants to be around her, and when shes not around he is still faithful to her. (talks nice about her and stands up for her) its simple there is no difference in girl or boy!!! how a girl express her love. same way boy express his. for example/ even he looks at you with that sweet little eye. he behave like a gentle man in front of you. ask you to help you in studies. or makes you laughs everytime. AND GIVES that sweet cute smile.