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Q: Estimate Value of Newport ModelCN 12 Gauge?
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What is the value of 12 gauge pump made by HR 1871 LLC?

what is the value of a double barrel Newport shot gun? what is the value of a double barrel Newport shot gun?

What is the value of a Newport model CN 12 gauge double barrel shotgun?

How much is a new port shot gun worth

What is the synonym for estimate?

calculation, value, guess, judge, reckon, assess, evaluate, gauge

What is the age and value of a Newport 16 gauge single shot shotgun with the A528436?

Most likey made in the last century or maybe at the turn of the century. Value probably not more than 100 USD.

What is the resale value of a JC Higgins bolt action 20 gauge shotgun Model 583.19 in good to excellent condition?


What is a synonym for gauge?

a synonym would be determine.. Also: estimate, calculate, evaluate, value, count, weigh, compute, judge

What word means find the value of the expression?

evaluate, assess, judge, gauge, rate, estimate, appraise, analyze, examine, solve

Where can you find information about a 16 gauge Newport side by side double barrel shotgun?

Trade name used by J Stevens Arms Company on shotguns it made. Value seldom exceeds 100 USD

What would the ball park estimate value of a good condition original 16-Gauge M12 Winchester shotgun be?

look on Cabelas. they have several

Will the Value City in Virginia Beach Va and Newport News Va be closing?

I heard the one in Newport News is closing?

What is the value of a Browning 16 gauge serial 70486 and when was it manufactured?

Made in the early 1900's. Value hard to estimate given lack of description. Best guess 100-500

What is the value of a Ithaca side by side 12 gauge serial number 373219?

The gun was made in 1924. Value has a lot to do with its overall condition, what gauge it is, which model and grade it is, etc. For a 12 GA double in very good condition, the value is probaby between $300 and $500. Watch for similar guns on to get an estimate of its market value.