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Go for it.

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โˆ™ 2009-03-28 06:54:00
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Q: Double piercing in the right ear?
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Has Miley Cyrus got a belly button piercing?

yes. she also has double piercing in her ear lobes, double pierced cartilage in her left ear, nose piercing (right).

What is meaning of double ear piercing in lesbians?

It means that they have a double ear piercing. Yeesh.

Is a double ear piercing an emo thing?


What is the piercing called right next to your ear?

most likely the tragus piercing. but that's still on the ear.

What year did males start piercing the gay right ear?

This is a myth that began in the 1980's. There is no gay right ear.

Does Miley Cyrus have any piercings?

Yes. She has 10 piercings. -On the left ear: she has 3 lobe piercings, & 2 cartilage piercing. -On the right ear: lobe piercings on the right ear & 1 cartilage piercing. -Belly piercing. -Nose pierced, on the right side.

What does having a piercing on the right ear mean?

That you wanted it on the right ear :D Seriously. It doesnt mean anything

Does a piercing in the left or right ear mean anything?


What is the significance of piercing the left ear for guys?

As the highly popular stereotype goes, a piercing on the right ear of a male supposedly indicates homosexuality, and a piercing on the left ear of a male supposedly indicates heterosexuality.There is no such stereotype for females.

How can you convince your parents to let you get a double ear piercing?

Tell them that it cures cancer.

What piercing does Miley Cyrus?

I believe she has two lobe piercings in her right ear and two in her left, and one helix piercing in her left too. She has a nose piercing on her right nostril and a navel piercing.

Ear cartilage piercing?

Ear cartilage piercing, yes and................

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