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Im 7 weeks pregnant and im scared to have sex b/c it hurts me to. im scared it might be hurting my baby........ i hope theres nothing wrong!!!!!!!!

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Q: Dose it hurt to do it doggy while your pregnant and it hurts in my lower stomach?
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What does it mean when your upper and lower stomach hurts and spotting?

If you've been spotting it really means you're pregnant.

Your stomach hurts in lower part and your navel?


Im on my period and my lower stomach hurts and im kinda bloated and you had protected sex like about a month ago what are the chances of you being pregnant?

78% good luck

What does it mean when you have muscle pain in the lower stomach and aching in legs?

your pregnant.

When you go to the bathroom and push to poop it hurts excruciatingly bad on your right lower side where your ovary is Can this be Ovarian Cancer?

Its not cancer. mine hurts when i push everywhere. try laying down and pushing on your stomach, ovary,and lower abdemin whence your better. if it hurts then you have an infection

Your lower stomach has been acting werid and moving around can you be pregnant?


What does it mean when your lower stomach hurta?

if i spot after my period does that mean im pregnant

Why does my lower stomach hurt?

sometimes when your sick, your lower stomach hurts or because you've been exercising your abs a lot. most likely is, if your a girl, that its cramps from your time of the month

How do lower organism reproduce?

Doggy style

Tell tale signs of a pregnant rhino?

They begin to get upset at their handeler, and develop a lower stomach

If your lower part of your stomach is hard after nine weeks after period?

If your stomach is hard nine weeks after period you are probably either pregnant or blood is filling up in your stomach

Can you be pregnant if your boyfriend came in you five nights ago now your stomach cramping?

You do not get pregnant in your stomach. If your stomach is cramping it would be something you ate or a virus. If you don't feel better in a day or so, or if you start vomiting or have severe diarrhea, see a doctor.Pregnancy occurs in your uterus, which is much lower in your abdomen than your stomach. It's down in the lower intestine area.