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Did you ask him to? Usually a boy will do anything he knows will turn a girl on. You should give him a little slap on the bum to see his reaction. If he laughs do it again and he might do it back. If this doesn't work then when you are flirting with him spank yourself once and moan a little and ask him to give it a try.

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Buy him a paddle and tell him if he does you'll wear crotchless panties for life.

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Q: Does your boyfriend spank you
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Why does my boyfriend spank me?

well he might think you like it and are turned on by it. or he might be a dominate. or he might just want to punish you for something.

What does it mean when your boyfriends brother tells your boyfriend to spank his girlfriend?

It seems that he has sort some of perverted mind and wants to see it happen in front of him. I'd recommend not letting your boyfriend do this to you, and ignore the brother.

Is it weird if your boyfriend likes to spank you sexually or kind of likes to tell you what to do or if you do something he doesn't like he'll give you like a stern warning?


How can you get someone to spank your bottom?

ask them to spank you

How do you get your character to spank them self in World of Warcraft?


My boyfriend know i'd like him to spank me but how can I let him know I would like to spank him?

First you guys do something sexy or cute. ( It depends on how old you are ) You lay down on his lap ( your face facing him ) and start kissing him. Then when the mood is right, whisper to him to spank you and just turn over for a spanking! ( If you want, when you turn over, you can pull up your skirt or pull down your pants a little. To make him want to spank you. )

Why do people say spank the monkey?

"Spank the monkey" is a euphemism for masturbation.

Can you spank a teen on Sims 3?

No you can not spank teens on the sims 3

Who produced the song spank in the 90's?

Spank was produced by the band Freak it. Several other songs with spank in the title were produced in the 1990s.

Should you spank your 7yr old for an F?

you can spank 7 years and under

Is it legal to spank children in North Carolina?

Yes it is legal to spank a child.

How long do I spank him for?

You spank yo child for as long as your cold heart desires.