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Yes. Long term use of marijuana has been shown to cause anxiety.

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Q: Does weed trigger anxiety
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How stop anxiety?

I find that some good weed, or a couple stiff drinks chase anxiety away.

What emotional reactions can crashes trigger in you?

Shock, anxiety and grief.

How do you approach my girlfriend who has anxiety attacks without triggering another one from her?

You need to approach a girlfriend who has anxiety attacks by bringing up issues that will not trigger anxiety.

What is the best drug to treat social anxiety disorder?

Weed is the best drug because it calms you down. and mellos you out weed makes you feel dumb in front of others and highly paranoid. It does not help with anxiety in anyway.

What diseases does bugle weed treat?

Anxiety, coughs, tuberculosis, arrhythmia, hyperthyroidism, bruises.

Is BiPolar likely to be a reaction to external events?

Yes, often the trigger is a relationship which created anxiety or insecurity.

What types of situations cause anxiety attacks in individuals who have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder?

There are several situations that can cause anxiety attacks in individuals who have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. These situations include environmental factors such as closed spaces or a large group of people that can trigger attacks.

Can anxiety cause the hiccups?

Yes, anxiety can cause hiccups. Anxiety can trigger the release of hormones and chemicals that can affect a person's nervous system, which in turn affects the nerves associated with the diaphragm, which can cause hiccups. Anxiety can also cause a person to unintentionally gulp air or eat and drink too quickly, which can also trigger hiccups. Other strong emotional reactions can also trigger hiccups. Basically, if it makes your nerves start fluttering, it can make your diaphragm flutter too.

Should you smoke weed if you have anxiety?

YES. That is one of the most common uses for medical marijuana

You are wondering why you feel anxiety and worry about everything when you smoke weed?

Weed affects some people that way. If it bothers you, don't smoke weed. This is not a smart-a** answer. It's the only one I can come up with, based on many years experience with weed, other drugs, and nearly as long since I stopped.

Can weed help with depression and anxiety?

Yes Marijuana will also work as a medicine in Depression and Anxiety, To know more visit site GreenPot MD, They will provides you a proper information about all of these Greenpot MD is available for you 24*7 so that you can get your medical queries solved whenever you want. You can call +1 (888) 805-0105, or simply chat on our website

Farmapram: superior to anxiety?

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