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Although cervical mucus may become abundant in pregnancy due to the presence of hormones cervical mucus will not indicate whether you are pregnant or not. If your period is late you may test for pregnancy,otherwise it is impossible to predict whether you are pregnant or not.All the best and good luck!

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Q: Does watery cervical mucus mean you are pregnant?
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What does egg white cervical mucus mean when you are pregnant?

Increased mucus is just another part of being pregnant. As long as it is clear to cloudy with no foul odor / burning, it is normal. Check with your medical care provider if you have any questions.

Does it mean anything if I have alot as in it looked like I wet myself of watery mucus I had a one day period about a week before and have been having sex every week.?

you could be pregnant.

What does cervical mean pertaining to what? in cervical rib, meaning an extra rib arising from the neck. It may also refer to the narrow part of the uterus (its "neck"), as in cervical mucus, cervical cancer, etc.

Does watery clear discharge always mean your pregnant?

No! It is not a clear indicator at all that you might be pregnant.

Your fiance and you had unprotected sex you are actually trying to get pregnant you were having a discharge a few days prior but since you've had sex you haven't had any more discharges That is really?

Cervical mucus will become thin and watery around the time of ovulation so the sperm can swim through it more easily. Any other discharge with color or odor generally indicates a vaginal infection, although a vaginal infection should not resolve without treatment. With pregnancy, most women will begin to have nausea and breast tenderness. ---- Cervical mucus few days to ovulation means approching ovulation time. If this is what you mean. The mucus dries up after ovulation has taken place. Pregnancy cannot be detected by observing cervical mucus. Only ovulation MAY be detected by observing CM. That is really?: question I am not sure what you mean...but if you mean pregnancy..the answer is possible since every woman is different. I sometimes have abundant CM(cervical mucus) during my luteal phase( from ovulation to menstruation) and sometimes dont have any at all so we cannot know whether we are pregnant or not by our CM. All the best..I hope I have answered your question...

What does cream cervical mucus mean?

It could mean a number of things: your ovulating or you have an infection, etc. The best thing to do is go to your doctor becaues it depends on the color, thinkness, smell.

Can mucus get a woman pregnant?

If by "mucus" you mean the clear fluid that comes out of a penis before the semen comes out, yes, it can. That is called pre-ejaculate" and it does contain sperm.

What is the white creamy mucus that comes out a few days after your period could this mean your pregnant?

That's not mucus-it comes from your butt, not your nose. It does not mean you are pregnant.

What does it mean when you have a brown mucus type discharge Does it mean you are pregnant or could it mean something else?

it could mean anything usually it be left over period blood

You have a lot of cervical mucus does it mean m ovulating?

Cervical mucus changes are monitored for determining when ovulation occurs through the cervical mucus monitoring test. As your cycle progresses, your cervical mucus increases in volume and changes texture.Before collecting a sample, be sure to wash your hands first in order to prevent the transmission of germs.The most accurate way to collect your cervical mucus is to insert your finger into your vagina and circle your finger around your cervix or as close as you can to the cervix. This will allow you to actually collect the cervical mucus instead of just it's wetness.Monitoring the changes in cervical mucus is the only method that will not require looking back to the past few cycles for analysis, and also provide reliable results that you can trust when trying to conceive. You can do this yourself by getting a sample of your cervical secretions and stretch it between 2 of your fingers (the thumb and index finger) to test for the consistency. Examining the changes in your cervical mucus can help you pinpoint your time of ovulation and increase your chances of pregnancy.Before Ovulation (low chance of pregnancy):The first few days following menstruation, there will be little or no discharge present. You will feel dryness around your vulva. During this time, chances of getting pregnant are low.Approaching Ovulation (chance of pregnancy):The first discharge that does appear should be moist or sticky and should be white or cream in color. In the finger test, the mucus should break easily. You will only be able to pull your fingers about 1 cm apart before it breaks. During this transition time, first the mucus will become cloudy and slightly stretchy during the finger test (this means that it will still break before the fingers are stretched all the way). As time progresses, the mucus will become greater in volume.Right around ovulation (high chance of pregnancy):At this stage, mucus resembles egg whites. It is the thinnest, clearest and most abundant at this point in the cycle. Finger testing will allow the mucus to stretch quite a ways (several centimeters) before it breaks (if it breaks at all). ) The amount of this thin mucus will steadily increase until you experience your 'mucus peak'. This is the last day of this period where the chance of conception is high. It is closely tied to ovulation. During this phase, the sperm's survival rate is higher. It can survive in cervical mucus for up to 72 hours, a significantly longer time than during the rest of the cycle.After Ovulation (low chance of pregnancy):After ovulation, there is a marked change in mucus appearance. It returns to the sticky stage (does not stretch during finger test) and there is again a feeling of dryness around the vulva.One caution for this test is that sperm can be confused with the mucus secretions and you could make wrong assumptions. Also, vaginal infections, medication, and birth control can alter conditions and should be taken into consideration when examining any vaginal secretions.Simply put:DryProbably Not FertileStickyProbably Not FertileCreamyPossibly FertileWateryFertileEgg whiteMost Fertile

What does it mean when a girl get a lot of vaginal discharge?

As long as there is no burning, itch or bad odor from the discharge, it is most likely normal cervical mucus, which is the body's way of keeping the vagina clean.

What does it mean to pass a booger like thing from your vagina but im not preganat?

What you're describing is likely fertile quality cervical mucus. The opening to your cervix is normally blocked by this mucus to prevent anything harmful travelling up through the cervix into the uterus. Around a week before ovulation this mucus changes to leak down into the vaginal canal, it acts to protect sperm from the acidic environment of the vagina and gives it a medium through which to be able to swim up through the cervical opening.

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