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Drinking more water will keep your body from hoarding it, the amount that you lose will be determined by how much you weigh and how hydrated you are now. Happy Weight loss!

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Q: Does water REALLY cause weight loss if so how much?
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Does drinking water really cause weight loss?

Water does cause weight loss.

Does drinking 12 cups of water cause weight loss?


Does dried red pepper cause weight loss?

not really but it depends

Does having a hot water bottle cause weight loss?

yes it does

Does heat cause weight loss?

Sort of, but not really. The weight you lose by exposing yourself to heat is water loss due to sweating. You'll put that weight back on once you've quenched your thirst again. And going around thirsty and deydrated is not a healthy thing.

Does pickle an pickle juice really cause weight loss?

i like pickles but no pickle juice does not make you lose weight

Does the magic touch pro really cause weight loss?

Im trying it right now (:

Does orthosiphon help in weight loss?

It can aid in weight lossdue to fluid loss, however, if fluids are not also taken it can cause kidney damage. Understand that any weight lost from taking orthosiphon is water weight, so this is not a permanent weight loss solution.

Is water better for weight loss than coffee?

yes cause coffee is mixed with different stuff and water is just water

Does Tenex cause weight loss?

Tenex is a blood pressure medicine and has not been shown to cause weight loss. Just the opposite, it has been known to cause weight gain.

Does excsatsy cause weight loss?

Not really. Exctasy can make a person not hungry, which can result in weight loss. However, exctasy is a very dangerous drug and should not be taken at any time.

Can tobacco cause weight loss?

The only way tobacco can cause weight loss is if you chain smoke & don't eat.