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no, it means you're extremely well hydrated. if you aren't sure, take a pregnancy test.

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Q: Does using the bathroom a lot and your pee being clear mean you could be pregnant?
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Could you be pregnant if you are having to use the bathroom more often than before and have sore nipples?

No you do not need to be pregnant.

Why do dogs nipples leak?

It could be it clear or white?

If im late 9 days and never been late and today you had clear discharge with a bit of blood could I be pregnant.?

Yes you could be pregnant.

Could I be pregnant if I am four days late and have a clear vaginal discharge?


Could I be pregnant if I am having to use the bathroom a lot and have sore nipples?

its possible, take a pregnancy test to be sure

Is the Jonas brothers pregnant?

I doubt that brothers, being male, could be pregnant.

If a person is two weeks pregnant and it use to hurt if they had to use the bathroom bad but now it doesn't even hurt can that be a procces of a miscarriage?

i don't think it would hurt to go to the bathroom if you were pregnant and i really would not know because i have never been pregnant before i guess it could be possible but again, i do not know because i have never been pregnant before

If you have polystatis ovarties and you have all the signs of preg can you be preg or could it be fantoum pregnancy and what the chances of being preg?

You could possibly be pregnant. Your chances of being pregnant are high. You can still have a baby with this disorder.

If im worried about being pregnant could that cause a late period?

Yes it can

What are the colors that you are not pregnant on a pregnancy test?

Every test is different, you would have to refer to your instructions for the test. Or you could simplify your life and grab a digital test next time at the store that reads a clear pregnant or not pregnant.

Can not having good sleep have to do with being pregnant?

It's possible - anything 'out of the ordinary' could be as a result of being pregnant - as the hormones in your body are preparing you for nurturing a developing embryo.

Why is there Clear liquid coming out of your bum?

Have you been fasting or on an all liquid diet? This could be the cause. Otherwise you should consult a doctor