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For some women,...yes. no idea why,...but it is very common.

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Q: Does urine smell bad in early pregnancy?
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Can shampoo go bad and smell like urine?

Shampoo does not usually go bad and smell like urine. Old urine has an ammonia type smell and no shampoo should smell that way. If by chance you are unsure of the contents of the bottle, it is best to throw it away.

Does vicodin make urine smell bad?

No but antibiotics will.

Why does my urine smell?

you ate something bad tasting or smelling

Why does pea smell?

The urine shows a characteristic odor that is caused by the presence of urea. The higher the concentration, the stronger is its smell. In most cases, a bad smelly urine indicates a insufficient diluted urine. In general, it appears as a dark yellow urine.

Can cat urine make you blind?

Cat urine can stain clothing and smell bad, some people can actually be allergic to cat urine. Cat urine will not make you blind.

Can human urine get you sick?

yes because its not for humans to digest and it smell really bad

What is worse being shot at with urine or vomit?

urine, considering it's sterile and doesn't smell as bad. it also doesn't contain hydrochloric acid

Does bupropion generic for Wellbutrin make your urine smell bad?

I have the same question. It seem like my son's urine smells awful now that he is taking it.

What cause the feeling of bad smell of food and feel like vomiting?

If you are a woman, it could be pregnancy.

Does dog urine attract mice-?

The dog urine does leave a smell and the mice are attracted to bad smells and rotted food. So it is possible that mice are attracted by the urine.

Can dull pelvic pain be an early pregnancy symptom?

Bad pain should be checked out but cramping can be a sign of pregnancy.

Can bad acne and diarrhea be a sign of early pregnancy?

Yes - take a test