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urinating alot does not mean your pregnant...however it is a sign you might be even in the early stages you will have frequent urinaton and or tender breast

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Q: Does urinating a lot mean you are pregnant?
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What does stomach cramps and frequent urinating mean?

Your probly pregnant see a doctor

Is urinating twice every hour a sign of pregnancy?

in pregnancy you do urinate a lot but that does not mean you are pregnant as this could mean that you may have a water infection or many other options if you are worried you should see your gp.

What do urinating more thristy tired nausea mean?

it depends. if you're female it could mean you're pregnant.

I urinate a lot because i drink water a lot and i also eat the thing i want but does it mean that I'm pregnat?

Urinating a lot is one of the signs of pregnancy but you drinking a lot of water may lead you to urinate a lot too. The best option is to contact a doctor to help you know if you are pregnant or not.

You urinate a lot but is not pregnant?

Urinating more frequently can be caused by other medical conditions, such as diabetes. See a doctor to find out for sure.

If you pee a lot does it mean that you are pregnant?


When you pee a lot does that mean i'm pregnant?


What does it mean if a female pees a lot?

If she pregnant!

What causes urinating a lot?

DRINKING A LOT OF LIquids like whisky

If you are eating a lot does that mean you are pregnant?

No. If you are pregnant you may eat a lot, but it is not a sign of pregnancy, it is a sign of hunger and/or greed.

Does it mean you are pregnant when stomach itches?

No, it means you have an itchy stomach or perhaps some gastrointestinal issues. Most signs of pregnancy are missing a period, tired a lot, hungry for only one or two types of food, urinating a lot more than usual, and lack of wanting to do anything.

When a girl urinates a lot does it mean shes pregnant?

No it does not

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