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Well all news related apps have to use wifi so if theres wifi where you want then yes but without wifi no

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Q: Does the mlbcom 2009 app for ipod work for the iPod touch wherever you are?
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Where you can return your ipod touch 2nd generation?

wherever you bought it or an apple store

IPod Touch cant get wi-fi?

than you dont have wi-fi wherever you are.

Is the iPod Touch 3g out now?

Apple released the iPod Touch 3G on September 9th, 2009.

When was apple ipod touch invented?

in 2009

If you have the third gen iPod Touch is it the newest one?

Currently (as of December 7, 2009), the iPod Touch 3rd generation is the latest generation and the newest iPod touch.

Does the iPod touch 4th generation have Wi Fi anywhere?

For an iPod touch or an iPad both have to connect to Internet to go online. only the iPhone has Internet whenever wherever

When was the iPod Touch 3rd generation released?


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What are the safest type of headphones phones for an ipod?

the safest type is the white ones that come with the ipod touch or if you didnt get the head phones you can always go and get some wherever you got your ipod from!

When was the iPod Touch third gen created?

The iPod Touch 3rd generation was introduced at an Apple media event on September 9, 2009.

When did the ipod touch 2nd generation come out?

the first ipod touch made was September 7, 2007

Why won't your iPod touch update to iOS 4.3?

Only certain model iPod touches are capable of supporting iOS 4.3. The minimum iPod touch capable of supporting iOS 4.3 is an iPod touch 3rd generation, from 2009. The highest iOS that this model iPod touch supports is iOS 5.1.1.