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not really most first kisses suck

its just you remembered how bad you suck

after you got good

ya but listen kiss a boy for long he will love u for ever

and start of by holding hands then neal lips to lips then slowly and gently kiss him then on grab on hard with your lips then slowly let go and look into the boys eyes

while your doing that whisper sweety or i love u or huh thanks

hold hands and go anywhere you like!!

if u r in high school then sex privately in a corner if you went to get married

kiss a boy thathasnt kissed a girl before!!!

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Q: Does the kiss have to be passionate to be the first kiss?
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What kind of a kiss is a passionate kiss?

A passionate kiss is different from a regular kiss. A passionate kiss is when you are kissing someone you love, and you kiss someone with the passion that you feel for someone.

How do you kiss someone passionate?

kiss them.... down there ;)

When did Justin timberleake kiss a dude?

He first kissed a dude during 2004, and he shared that passionate kiss with Zach Efron

What is a passionate kiss?

If you're looking for practical, it will vary by person. Who's to say that a mother's last kiss on her son's cheek before he goes to war is less passionate than true love's first kiss? We cannot judge this rightly. Only to say, that passion is essential to the human condition, and yes. Kiss passionately always.

What is the emotional feeling you get when you kiss?

If it is a passionate kiss, hopefully you'll feel arousal.

How can you tell a regular kiss from a passionate kiss?

A regular kiss is something that you do and you don't feel anything special about it, but if it is passionate, then it is something different than what the regular kiss is, and you feel something special and it's just more intense.

My boyfriend bit my tongue during a passionate kiss. It's bleeding. What kind of first aid should I do?

Mouth wash hydrogen peroxide

How many facial muscles are involved in a kiss?

In a passionate kiss like one before you f her or him you use 34 muscles. what muscles are involved in a passionate kiss?

Is it rude to kiss in church?

Yes and no- it depends on the kiss. And on who is kissing. A hot passionate kiss with your girlfriend is not appropriate in church.

My first kiss was a random makeout with a kid I don't even know so does it count as my first kiss because I didn't like it at all but I recently had my first passionate one with my boyfriend so idk?

if you didn't your real first dont make it your first.

Will link and Zelda share a passionate kiss in the next game?

Dude they totally will. Eventually. Or I'll be mad...

What can you do to be romantic to your man?

a massage, cuddle, or passionate kiss should do it.