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yes only with exercise

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Q: Does the belly burner really work?
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Do belly wraps work?

Do the belly wraps or belts that you wrap around your waist to make your waist smaller really work and how long do you have to wear them?

What is a belly fat burner?

An effective belly fat burner speeds up the body's total metabolism. These belly fat burner tablets are excellent for shedding pounds. It could take some time for your metabolism to increase when you follow a regular weight loss diet. You might have to wait weeks or months in this situation before any noticeable effects manifest.

What srores have the belly burner?

CVS,Walgreens,Bed Bath and Beyond

What stores have the belly burner?

CVS,Walgreens,Bed Bath and Beyond

What is the belly fat diet and does it really work?

The belly is an interesting body part. It holds about 6 gallons of milk a day. It will not only work for your body, but it will work for your brain and heart.

How does an oil burner work?

Oil burner magic!!

Is the belly burner for kids under 18?

Yes but only for kids that are fat and overweigted.

Is belly dancing a good work out?

Yes Belly Dancing is a good work out if you do it right :)

Who is Mr Bunsen Burner?

he really sucked at making a burner thingie i could make one better than him out of plastic

What is a micro burner?

a micro burner is some thing that i really dont know yet and ill tell u when i find it out.

What's the fastest dvd burner I can buy?

Aluminum Slim External Ultra Fast "DUAL LAYER" DVDRW ± CD / DVD Burner is a really fast dvd burner.

How does a gas burner work?

it mixes gas and extra oxygen which makes fire