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The AK47 (or AK74) is not a standard issue weapon to the US Military. They may rarely be used for training, demonstrations, or possibly some covert operations.

It should be noted that the Maadi Misr (Egyptian AKM variant, designed for compatibility with NATO standard sights) is listed in the United States Marine Corps inventory, though.

they would use enemy weapons if they run out of ammo, they would be used in undercover missions. a great example is delta force dressed as al-quida terrorists to get to Osama bin Laden shortly after 9/11. They took some Ak-47's with them on the undercover mission so that way they can be thought of as terrorsists when in reality they were assassins. it would also make the kill untracable because they would assume that osama was killed by a traitor because they looked like al-quida & used their weapons.

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Q: Does the US military use AK-47s?
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