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yes, they are out at see but close...

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Q: Does the UK have nuclear weapons?
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Who has authority to launch UK nuclear weapons?

Any decision by the UK to go to war, or to launch nuclear weapons, would have to be made by Parliament.

Should the UK go nuclear?

The UK has been nuclear for a very long time. It has lots of nuclear energy stations and lots of nuclear weapons.

What does the UK think about the nuclear weapons?

i need this answer PLEASE.

What countries had nuclear weapons in 1960?

By 1960 the US, USSR, UK, and France had nuclear weapons. China got them in 1964.

When did England get nuclear weapons?

The UK was the third country to obtain nuclear weapons, after the US and the USSR. The UK had its first successful nuclear weapon test in October 1952, a plutonium warhead similar to the one dropped on Nagasaki.

Is UK a nuclear state?

Yes, both in power generation and weapons.

Should the UK have nuclear weapons?

No one should have nuclear weapons! I agree they cause nothing but problems. All they do is grant people power to kill and strike fear in the world. There is nothing good that can come from nuclear weapons.

Did the UK or America drop a nuclear bomb on the Taliban?

no!!! nuclear weapons have not been used since ww2.

What country has tested nuclear weapons in the South Pacific?

Both US & UK.

Would the UK lose its permanent place on the security council if it gave up nuclear weapons?

No, it was given that place right after WW2 before they had their own nuclear weapons.

Are the UK's nuclear missiles based in submarines?

Since its free-fall nuclear weapons arsenal was decomissioned in 1998, the United Kingdom's only means of nuclear weapons delivery is via submarines and SLBMs.

Which countries currently have nuclear weapons?

US, UK, Russia, France, China, India, Israel, Pakistan, North Korea, South Africa are the countries that currently have nuclear weapons.