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Yes, according to the specifications, there are three.

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Q: Does the CQ70-211 Laptop have USB ports?
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How many USB ports are on this laptop?

The Atom N270 laptop has three USB 2.0 ports.

How many usb port on dell vostro 1014?

There is no minimum or required number for USB ports on a laptop. Depending on the age and design of the laptop, it could be anywhere from zero to ten. I have seen only 2 USB ports on older laptops, most of the new ones atleast have 4 USB ports. Netbooks(10" & 11") have not more than 2 USB ports. If in anycase you need more USB ports, you could buy an USB hub for as less as 10$, which will add 4 more ports to your laptop.

What are two port on a laptop?

USB ports

What USB port is best to use on a laptop and for what purposes?

Well depending on what usb ports it has usb 3 ports are the best to use.

How many USB drives are located on the laptop?

This laptop features three Hi-Speed USB and four pin USB Type A ports.

What is a sentence for ports?

All national ports have been closed.I need more USB ports on my laptop.

How do you use usb fan to cool laptop?

You need to place the USB fan cooler beneath your laptop and connect it to one of the ports for it to cool your laptop.

How do you upgrade to 2.0 the USB ports that are already on your PC or laptop?

You cant, its either going to be usb 1.0 or usb 2.0.

How many USB slots are installed on the laptop?

There are 4 USB 2.0 ports on this laptop. In addition, there is also a firewire (1394) port and an HDMI port.

How many USB ports does the laptop have?

The Sony VAIO VGN-NS130E/S, comes with 4 high speed USB ports, and 2 memory slots.

How much usb ports is there on a laptop?

All computers vary. Any where from 0 to 10.

Can you get a memory card reader for a laptop?

Yes you ccan get a memory card reader for a laptop that connects via USB ports.