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Sure it works. Most of the time.

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Q: Does spermicidal lube work
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How does spermicidal lube work?

Spermicidal lubricant doesn't protect against STDS like HIV or gonorrhea, first of all. Spermical lube makes things slippery and kills 90% of sperm.

Is it safe to put spermicide on a condom?

sure in fact, some condoms have spermicidal lube if i were you id cut out the middleman and just buy those

Is toothpaste a good spermicidal lube?

No, it is neither a useful spermicide nor a good lubricant. If you really want somethng that works, go and buy a product made for the purpose from the chemist/pharmacy/apothecary/equivalent retailer.

How old do you have to be to work at jiffy lube?


What is the function of the spermicidal cream?

Spermicidal cream is a contraceptive substance that destroys sperm, inserted vaginally prior to intercourse to prevent pregnancy.

What is the difference between lube and oil?

there is a small difference in lube ( coming from the latin word: Lubersaph ) and oil, so it isn't a question that you need to know into a matter of substantionary work.

Is frog lube good for sks rifles?

Seems to work well for all firearms.

How do you lube a ball valve?

You shouldn't have to, but a little silicone plumbing grease should work.

Can you work at a oil change quick lube in Alabama at age 16?

yeah man get a work perment go to the courthouse

Where to buy lube for women?

Lube is lube and it's not specific for women. You find lube at your local store or pharmacy.

Importance of chemistry in population control?

Chemistry has contributed to population control most notably by the creation of contraception. From spermicidal lube, to birth control pills, to Plan B and vaginal rings, chemistry has aided us in controlling when we multiply. Chemists are currently in the process of developing a birth control pill for men.

Is spermicidal foam a non-prescription contraception?

In the US, spermicidal foam is available without a prescription. It is not a very effective contraceptive on its own, but is effective when used with condoms or other forms of contraception.