Does sonic and Amy end up together?

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Amy has been chasing Sonic for 17 years now, and Sonic is getting more and more uncomfrtable with her.

As shown in Sonic and the black knight, Sonic and Amy's relationship would not work.

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2012-01-13 12:30:40
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Q: Does sonic and Amy end up together?
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What Sonic X episode does Amy save Sonic from drowning?

on sonic x episode 9 when a robot is trying to drag sonic back into the water for another dunk, Amy brakes the robots arm, and in episode 75 at the end sonic is thrown into the planet of water, and in episode 76 Amy tries to rescue him but falls in, and they both float up together in some sort of bubble.

Will Amy give up sonic?

Amy probably give him up. Because apparently Shadow likes Amy but Amy likes Sonic. Plus there are MORE ShadAmy videos than SonAmy videos. Thus, Amy will give up Sonic

Does Knuckles love Amy?

at first she likes sonic but then she notices thatnuckles likes her an that he's cute so she spends more and more time with him and they eventually end up together

Who does sonic love more Amy rose or sally te acorn?

amy. in the comic series sally broke up with sonic and sonic then goes to amy

Has sonic ever took Amy rose on a date?

Yes Sonic takes Amy Rose on a date. A Sonic comic named Valentine's Fray (look it up on is where Sonic takes Amy on a date.

What year did Amy Rose the hedgehog show up in the Sonic the hedgehog series?

I think Amy Rose showed up in Sonic CD, in 1993.

Does Amy marry Sonic?

Yes, she does by knocking him out, and when he gains consciousness askes him if he wants a chilly dog and he says "I DO, I DO". Unfortunately s Sonic could not file for a divorce for Tails made sure of that for being bribed $20 by Amy, but any way in the end Sonic gives up an lives with Amy and they have 2 kids later but i forget their names. Fin

Who is better for sonic Amy or Elise?

Amy rose

Who is Amy roes the hedgehog?

she is a lil hedgehog and she Amy roes that lives her life with sonic and sonic does not like her but he like sally but when it comes they together Amy roes gets reeeelly mad soo wach out! soo if you wanna b her fan pease im not a Amy roes fan but Amy is sooo better than sally!!!!!!!!

Did sonic break up with sally?

YES but now sonic has a new girlfriend her name is amy

What episode of what does sonic kiss Amy?

sonic has never kissed Amy in his life. but, there are plenty of episodes in witch sonic and sally kiss. sonic really loved sally, but apparently, he is still trying to make up his mind about Amy. oh, and in one sonic x episode, he did give Amy a rose. ( a pink rose !) and to me, that stands for something.

Will ricky and Amy end up together?

Yes they will in season 5 or three depending on how you look at it.

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