Does smoking take years off your life?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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obviosuly it has been proved

check for details on smoking to see how many people are dying because of smoking, but some people cannot live without smoking because of medical conditions.

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Q: Does smoking take years off your life?
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What does smoking couse?

Smoking causes lung cancer and it can take years off your life :( it's not good to smoke not judging anyone who dose it's just unhealthy

What is the average lifespan of a smoker in the US?

About 65 years . Smoking takes about 10 years off your life , give or take a few years . The average life span is 75.2 for males in the U.S. as of 2004 .

How many years does smoking take off your life?

not sure, though i read another answer on this website that says you lose 7 minutes of your life for every cigarette you smoke

Is it true that smoking takes time off your life?

any doctor or any anti smoking campaign will tell you that it does. anything with that many chemicals, tar etc will take time off your life.

How bad is smoking a pack a month?

smoking and take a day off your life so you would probily have a very short life also it missies with your lungs make your teath yellow and have bad breath

Does watching TV take years off your life?

No. Although it is proven to lessen creativity and imagination, it will not take years off your life.

Does smoking one cigarette take 7 minutes off your life?

probaly, but i think it's longer

How many years does it take off after smoking just one cigarette?

It takes off about 12 minuets or something around that per cigarette

How many years of your life does obese usually take off?

10 years

What does the term life limiting illness mean?

It refers to an illness that will take years off a life.

How does smoking effect vital capacity?

takes 5 minites off of your life. if u smoke for 60 years. u will die at 62

How many years does night shift take off your life span?