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Smoking CAN affect your body wieght. It is more likely one will gain weight if they quit smoking than lose weight, at least in the long-term, if they start smoking. The main reason for this is that smoking increases your metabolism, which is what helps your body burn fat. If you quit smoking and don't replace that with something that increases your metabolism, i.e. aerobic exercise for at least 20 minutes a day, you won't burn fat as quickly as you did when you smoked. Another cause of weight gain for people who quit smoking is that besides creating a chemical addiction to Nicotine, smoking creates an oral addiction, i.e the need to have something in your mouth. Once you quit smoking, people often times replace the oral addiction of the cigarette with food, and thus, eat more.

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Q: Does smoking effect your body weight?
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Does smoking marijuana increase fat in your body or reduces it?

Marijuana has no effect on weight gain or loss. Most gain weight because they get hungry when there high

What effect does smoking have on a persons body functions?

smoking what? a cigarette? marijuana?

What effect does passive smoking have on the body?


What body systems does smoking effect?

Smoking affects the whole body. Specifically the lungs, and circulatory system.

What are the effect of smoking on human body?

it destroys the lungs

Can you gain weight while smoking?

Yes, smoking can raise your heartrate but it is still possible to gain weight if you dont eat properly or excersise

What parts of the body does smoking effect?

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Yes, in pregnant mothers the baby`s birth weight can be affected.

How does smoking effect you body when doing sports?

Smoking is bad for your lungs, therefore it affects your ability to breath steadily, which is required for most sports.

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Is weight loss a side effect of smoking?

Rarely it is, for some type of people. For weight loss there is a lot of effective methods, without harming your organism.