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No, preparation H will not help your stomach to shrink.

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Q: Does rubbing preparation H help your stomach to shrink?
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Does rubbing your stomach help with gas?


Can your stomach shrink?

Yes your stomach does shrink,because when you diet and you dont eat as much your stomach is used to the shortage of food shrinks.Like when fat people have gastrick bands put round there stomach to make it smaller so they loose weight.I am not quite sure how it works but...I hope i this help's.

Lavender oil help constipation by rubby a little on your belly?

It has been told that rubbing lavender oil on the stomach does help constipation. Some people think it is just a tell.

Why is it better to eat several meals a day instead of 3 large meals?

Smaller meals help your stomach shrink, great for weight loss.

When was Rubbing Doesn't Help created?

Rubbing Doesn't Help was created on 1996-05-21.

Why does rubbing hands help in winter?

Rubbing hands together creates friction, friction creates heat, so rubbing hands together in the winter may help keep them warm.

How will bariatric surgery help me with weight loss?

Bariatric surgery is a catch-all term used to describe any surgical procedure meant to help you lose weight. This includes gastric banding- inserting a band to essentially shrink your stomach- or procedures that actually remove part of your stomach. You'll be forced to eat less, which will definitely help you lose weight.

Is rubbing on your breast good?

Rubbing or massaging your breasts will help loosen the muscles and help quicken blood flow, which will help them grow. This is good for them, and will help them get larger and healther

How do you shrink a bathing suit top?

You wash them in hot water then put them in the dryer at the hottest setting. To help them shrink also put some towels and other stuff you need to dry so you can help them shrink better.

What exercise helps the abs?

running, biking, crunches. those are the three i can think of but theres a lot of others too. also if you drink soda a lot cut back thatll help shrink your stomach pouch :]

What does the stomach produce to help digest food?

The stomach produces an acid to help digest food.

How does the stomach help?

The stomach helps desolves things